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Heather Peterman

My name is Heather. I am a wife, mother of 3 boys, and most importantly a child of God. I have found that when you least expect it, God opens a door to something you never expected. Enter Command Wellness into my life. I was led here through a series of personal experiences that set my spirit on fire to help others get well and remain well. For so many, they simply have given up on ever feeling good or having true energy and overall wellness. I went on a journey, beginning in 2016, to help our son who was going through struggles with his health and development, as well as a very scary series of seizures. When I was left feeling empty and hopeless, God (as He always does) led me to functional medicine. This was brand new to me and quite different from my formal education. It was about getting to the root cause, supporting our bodies with great natural supplements, methods of detox, as well as nutrition, to truly heal the body, not just mask the symptoms. I believe we can be well and stay well if we have knowledge, dedication, and most importantly faith. I look forward to Commanding Wellness alongside you!

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Nikita Richardson 

Hello, my name is Nikita. I am a Jesus-loving wife and mother of 5. I am passionate about wellness.  I have the biggest fire in my heart to empower others to know their bodies and take charge of their wellness. My story starts with my children.  One of my children's teachers was always saying to me he needed ADHD medicine. Well, I won’t go into the story here to save us time, but I knew better.  I changed his diet completely in the mornings before school and at the next parent-teacher conference, I was asked if I put him on medicine by his teachers. Boom! Diet change made such a difference that led me to dig deeper into the world of functional medicine. My story continues as my dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. He showed me a new way of viewing medicine and I was taught natural ways of healing during his illness. My dad also had Scleroderma, which he always believed was caused by a toxin. I then continued my research on cancer and more things that didn't line up

were revealed to me. Ultimately, Jesus got ahold of me and His word

and promises and desires for His children became so clear.  My drive to help others see themselves as He does and to care for their temples became a passion.  I am excited to expand this journey. Welcome to Command Wellness!


202 E. 3RD St. Uhrichsville, OH

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